Monday, June 28, 2010

Web Design Model

Site and hardships

It is a graphical look and feel of the site. This is usually the most people, Web design, I think if you see. To Intanettogurugadendezainpaburikku or private perspective of the artist, Photoshop and Fireworks skills such as tool designer. The onion soup flavored blend Web 2.0 Web graphic designers, web, the need for knowledge about colors and shadows and the latest design techniques address. Soup, preferably not made of eyes.

The second layer is the structure of the website
Web designers are the main functions (some functions of the decomposition can begin at home, including how to determine the structure) internal structure and break the branches end in subsite clear understanding of the scale and site. Sun Web designers need to be some basic principles of software engineering. But further, the former design, with the main functions of this site, you are married, and graphic design capabilities, the system is not available. Good knowledge in Web Design and Usability (Araneruson - principles and how the site more V ~ ~ Please get used to the error , "and the mystery meat navigation" is required.

The third level of sites on the Internet to the dynamic and interactive element
You can now only in Photoshop. The website programmer Geek 2 happened, she steals the heart of this documentary: PHP, MySQL dynamic web sites, is PHP, Ajax - Web and to kill, to create a response to the application Gul is designed to think. I know, Ruby on Rails is a jewel in the path of a train or better.

Then we have the content of
This site should be full of good quality and content. Sometimes, luck, the client offers good content. Also, it is to talk nonsense, and start rewriting technology companies give the benefit of their customers, only five required service. They write with command of the English language is wrong is not a good knowledge.

Therefore, we rate the site. But the essential marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy
We all know not only build the case, "they come." This website, and they have to negotiate, SEO basics are simple connections between people and search engines, all pages and useful addresses, keywords, content was working from early involvement gentle heart - in other words, if you do not act. Otherwise, someone with an Internet marketing budget that all website marketing budget (or right?) And the marketing budget is your best investment to the site - to get the best marketing strategy, developing links and traffic over the Internet to identify, out, (that) Please strategy.

Now my question is: What is expected for a person with a fair knowledge of all?

A couple of years I am studying computer science 』title is basically a Jobupikkuappu that it was" a systems analyst. "Enterprise Systems Analyst you can not distinguish between the programmers are working, if you want. It (the box is assumed that was not licensed in a way that "punch operator, Sun, punch, we have our region for all ...) And yes I want, system analyst to do about everything - to build, analyze, test, and think system support.

But voted Fuggit "It was, is, now."

sit today, that dream is available, the test function in many mathematical genius child carrier is. All of the Information Technology Network Engineer .... Test Manager Director of Business Analyst

And just as you are a programmer, COBOL, the COBOL programmer you are. It is what you know that COBOL. From everyone in your company's internal network DNS server entries will be sorted.

However, the same experts, Web-filtering does not appear in the field of design. I have developed a global network, the next day for the skill: Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, the pace, NET, C #, and providers MSACCESS design skills and the Asia-Pacific, and VB, jobs, see the description of pure HTML , DHTML viewer, the Asia-Pacific, XML, CSS, JavaScript and VB Script, the network that service the poor fellow, Windows Server Trouble Shooting care is - a place Ghul design model for the payment of minimum wages for most in the world of information technology in the corporate world, she must know very well, actually a group of specialists.

Professional website design for you if you do not depend on the behavior that they are familiar with him, so that it better by building layers of all skill levels Desaito over the Internet or ... You can work on plans for a strategic partnership with other professional independence. This is the same way other people more fun and some free web allows you to focus on all aspects of design.