Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is an appropriate time, when the redesign?

If your site on the Internet, chances are often times when it would overhaul of your website project. Here are a few things:

I can imagine it for you? If your answer is yes, the issue is still time to design. The design must use a specific purpose. For the implementation of reforms to your site, its current design in mind, if not forget, you have a specific purpose may not be aware. If you lose this mission.

However, your site website design since 1990, when it might be time to design. You are ready when the site is seen to occur without leaving your site to see the old design only content. If you like this, when the number of points in the process of reflection before signing.

In the redesign is like plastic surgery to your website. Forgot your ID in the moment (for better or worse) does not recognize the new design may seem to visitors and regular. They, please simply because the risk of losing their land in the page I was right. Therefore it is important to the characteristics of a very old design. Perhaps the motto of this site, perhaps in a style of text in the title of your site.

For safe use of your web survey brings the story home. They are a new look at the site to be taken, apparently, if you give it to them!