Monday, July 26, 2010

Wandering Web design in the future

A little over a century ago, designers created an innovative "navigation" systems that appear fatal to the user because the controls for the design of the first generation of cars. It took years of competition, and accidents are many, many egos wounded in the face of unified planning for them. Try to visit sites with navigation system unconventional not as bad as driving the pedals hard, but the same principle applies: the people is to ensure stability in older technologies, even if the title is not always the best way. So while it is still a lot of freedom for a radical approach to Internet browsing, but the site of the manufacturers thinking about the future focus more on improving behavior and very popular sites, menus, sidebar, tabs, horizontal and recognize "how road map, so you work better, cleaner and more efficient.

If you stay away from the dark side of CSS, you will be surprised by the strength and flexibility is now elegant navigational elements, with tabs, and the coup and sub menus, regardless of use of complex images and texts, Java or Flash. This does not mean that Flash is completely beyond the limits not to mention the ease of use to sacrifice, to use as the ability to deep link to the browser back and forward buttons to navigate between pages reference. Remember that the user can refuse entry or disabled staff. In short, it is preferable to avoid using Flash for the main navigation, and save it for special occasions.

While the look and feel to browse the Internet to ensure stability is not in recession. It is on the growth of user-centric architecture, which attempts to avoid the old habit of sharing sites, is caused by the accumulation of sub-folders. or simulate the corporate hierarchy or folder on your hard drive, model, code a tiered approach allows visitors often do not know where to look for information, and feel disappointed because of the need to dig very deep. Instead, focus on the user tries to create a website, do you expect the needs and requirements of visitors to the site they are now familiar with his work.

Plug-in to participate

There are several important elements freely available for personal sites and small, some sensitivity is very important that the quality of the ambiguity that encourages visitors to add to the visitors in the future. A simple method is to add a poll to your website. There is also a popular way of having to win to the visitors of Flash, puzzles and competitions, on your pages.

Community Health Care

Although you can benefit from the generosity of others to add some luster to your site, which requires only a starting point. In fact, the most difficult of all the promises of original content will be updated regularly. If visitors can go anywhere in the reform of everyday life in your spirit, wisdom, intelligence and creativity to achieve, you can guarantee that will not come back! The possibility of sites on a regular basis, without the provision of capacity planning or elite turned to the Internet in recent years. Visitors can comment and contribute goes even further, creating a truly inclusive environment on the Internet. Speaking of blogs, of course.

Many complain that the programming standards of the proliferation of blogs Web design is reduced, creating a gap between those who care about their appearance, and those interested to simply stop after ten day and it is true that most blogs follow the familiar multi column layout based on standardized forms.

It is clear that the blog the way most people surf the Web these days: the current contents of the front has been designed and easy to navigate, it is very easy to follow and reference. It also works well with photos of themselves in the rich text content, based on one of the reasons why Google bought Blogger. There are many examples of blogs are designed to be beautiful, as if to show that you want to visit not sacrifice graphics and programming skills for a site whose content is rich indigenous peoples will be created. If the feeling you're after in the world of blogs, a giant barrel of honey.

The main advantage of construction on a model of blogging is that it is a community of life is at hand. This is particularly evident in the pages that are easy for users to capture images and symbols, and the suspension of all voices is important to add points of entry and the system allows users to "community-based common interests to connect. While it seems many sites DIY projects easy for your eccentric uncle, but there's enough space for a cake and spread your online tools facilitate the design by us or others in your path, and individual contributions add comments.

The most dynamic community-based websites now more original content, form a cooperative links and comments from users and many external on a combination of all packaged in the design and cleaning, and forehead. Although there was support for most of the tools Web logging sites by CSD, the former board is worth seeing.

Building Broadband

For more adventure, according to the users with more bandwidth for music and Flash interfaces, the heavy define their identity and purpose of your site. Currently, the best examples are the old media manufacturer sites, radio, television and music industries and their work adapted for the Web.

And the blue sky in the future

So what is the future of the Web, for example, how broadband mobile sites and contract more attractive? Located in rich text for the blog sites or sites that have multiple layers of media for web design? Well, it's safe to say that both of the place. Although Google is still the most important tool for many users in the tombs of important information for them, before the priority for blogs and sites with strong are always popular. At least one of Flash designers have the technology in the hands of sites easily, working in the rankings with Google HTML is easy, or even photos or other research institutions, allowing enough for the classification and the means indexing of advanced content design more and more about audio and video over the Internet. That day is not far. to create tools for multimedia content domain is different from other top professionals, thanks to the growing market of consumers with the tools of audio and video editing, and it is very likely that the demand (and programmers smart enough ) and start rebuilding the web as nothing more than the world heavy pages of text. Instead, you take a look at the influence and the ability of CSS to increase, as both Google and user-friendly and simple, the possibilities of a rich graphical user interface.

If we could look at projections in late nineties, it is fair to say that the less radical and thought on the Internet over the past five years, the key developers. Rogge has a lot of techniques such as Scalable Vector Graphics XM1 and make a great extent. This is partly due to the development of browser technology for the clumsy introduction of new standards, some of which followed the consolidation of the substitution of innovation in the years following the collapse of the dot-com. But now with the new approaches developed for Web design and technology in place without doubt a new creative spirit and the adoption of the Internet, where all Join the spirit of an overall approach, Blogs and the convergence of media and some rich interactive tools how to play the instant messaging.

This probably means that the builders of the site within five years and must now be more intelligent and more creative? Maybe. But the tools available and the space, which in turn make it easier to work, to express their creative vision to get online. It is now possible to update and contribute to the pages of your phone. Now we are looking forward to download and access to high-definition video to dictate, or website and receive updates on the move. Interfaces and the proposed site on the Internet is developing at the explosion of "what's remotely on your computer and is part of our daily lives. Design for this type of experience on the Internet, and light years from the list Overall, that is for your site. be left behind not only by fear, ambition and skills and imagination of the site was one of us, when we built, and these qualities will change the Web in the coming years.