Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Types and the basic requirements for web design

Web site design cross several areas of information systems and information and communication design. This site is classified as a component of the information front and rear. In addition, the content (page-layout interface to be able to observe graphics in text and audio) on the face known. The back is a server-side component is configured to use the output of the front display to improve the efficiency and functionality and to describe the source organization. Web based multi skilled individual to the size of the project (sometimes also the key over the Internet) may be among the team members, managers specializing in the planning or monitoring project.
Multi-specification requirements:
Question: If the joint project, no conflicts between different objectives, methods and models, and the Internet. Some of the current policies.
1st Lack of cooperation, given the early stage of the network, the substantial cooperation between the design of websites and advertising campaigns, customer transactions and a large social network, internal and external networks now was. Fixed-documentation project on the Internet's largest Web sites cut. Many projects are still the largest cut and Web pages. Special design considerations for use in these large projects. Design considerations are in many cases where lack of leadership, if you have a lack of reason and understanding, been overlooked be, especially the lack of interest in technical cooperation across simple project to integrate knowledge. The result is an unhealthy competition or compromise between many departments, not web pages is to use optimal.
2nd layoutsOn fixed on the website as a designer fluid, and input devices (mouse, touch screen voice commands, text and mobile phone number pad, in the browser window of the browser, the number of size and other factors that control the other) characteristics of available fonts and sizes. Some designers choose the elements with a label control on the screen provided. This HTML-based design department control over the meaning of the table - CSS can be done with the use. If you change the browser text, graphics, layout and design does not change, according to a fixed-width design. Proponents of fixed width design, website design, precise control on the page such as the development of precision objects. Other designers choose a liquid design. to flow design, the entire contents of the screen over the Internet liquid, a part of the screen, or move because of the size of any browser. Use fans to draw the picture and more fluid compatible configuration. Liquid use of CSS, avoid completely the design of the site and can not be reached, HTML table (or more means, with a div) with the part of this page. The developer, as we have to break design and difficult decisions on design decisions liquid to the top to the bottom of the screen. Between the minimum and maximum width of the river, that sometimes, is Web-design a practical option. It works with all available space on the screen, designers can avoid coding module browser options and a long tail. Its content is from the web, and layout designers, solids and liquids are intended to be used in any case. Similar to liquid layout, Adobe Flash in order to comply with the contents of the window function is optional. This is not to change the arrangement or text wrapping in your browser to change pages and optimal planning of fixed content.
3rd Flash.Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash). Personal and application development program to create a powerful graphics animation, dynamic content, multimedia applications, including audio and video (provided) and is used with a browser and an interactive Web. Adobe Flash is now widely used in web design. Flash is a major protocols and formats are not prepared by a vendor-neutral standards organization like most about the Internet. Flash opens the HTML, even if a limited form, the original, web-browser interface, "not like most of the functions can be found in the consolidated return," the study button.According a user 98% [The U.S. U -Web is to have Flash Player installed. [] Depends on the detection of double-digit population. Since it is possible, all parts of the complete design, [3] Many graphic artists, flash, and all use, "Jazz" control can be animated in the rule. That they can create new Web applications, you do not need to turn the page each time some application developers, please enjoy the flash update.