Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Makes a good websites

The importance of the latter:

Design, design. To say that miracles are buying a good design into perspective, imagine a shirt. First, what we see? The design of the shirts, of course. Well, most people, except material factor. But I think all other factors constant, not the design or in the air are the most important thing, then?

2) Design

under the skin of another person, as usual. Here are two situations.

Location: A site with good design and graphics. (Playing with colors on the theme of the type of property) to comply. (Optimum resolutions and relevant) and the character and the right word.

Option B: a return equipped with ugly graphics and photos in the form of a resolution, quality and relevance. (Photo used with red light green) Fonts are targeted, but also fantastic. (For small, artistic type font)

Situation that visitors immediately fascinated by art and design. Well placed pictures and designs which symbolizes the positive nature of the business / website. As is known, most people are impressed by the courts.

As the situation B, unhappy because the environment is a serious lack of creativity and badly photographed exactly help in attracting visitors. Heroes is hard to read, not to mention understanding and inconsistency problems in terms of color, not only for the guests, right?

The analysis is: Now the idea is always plan your websites, other people try to get feedback and perspectives. Each institution may vary, but at least you should do. Do not be fooled, even a simple site with a suitable design will be very positive, but the basic idea is to maintain at least a sensitive side.