Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Design Elements

As a web designer, and design of your website visitors with ease of use, the best impression and most important of all a pleasant experience. No matter if you have the best product in the world - if your site is that I do not sell compromise as a copy or, Visitors Weil die site created by poor people die dismissed.

SE of good design, I do not mean just the graphics good. Professional web designers know that you can see, there are many parts, die A good website design - accessibility design, interface or layout design, user experience design and easy NATURAL die death, helping to design.

So I plus a number of design web site, I've never met die identified. We hope to compare, you know that you control your website, as if something in your site list and adjusts the criteria to die than you should know that it is time to take serious action is!

1) Background

If you have a site, cassette, CD or something to promote music, I really advise you to manage Community Stay away from putting looping background music on your website. This may sound good at first, but imagine if you have great site with hundreds of pages of Lief, and each time a visitor to navigate from one page, if others in your website background music, the game begins die. IF I property of your visitor, I had my speakers off, or leave your site. You are also visitors to easily add burden while visiting the site - users on dial connections have to wait longer for your web site to see, because it meant the war are taken into account.

2) large / small fonts

What beautiful Posted Posted on, access is that the web design more - for users is a big part of the region, too! While reading the text in your website design and Lesbos be a reasonable size for your guests without any effort on their eyes. Whatever the quality of the content of your website copy or die illegible copy is when you can sell anything!

3) popup

Popups are so obviously points to the promotion, did everything in my head, 90% of the pop-up is not worthy of my attention, so I lost time I suffered my instincts by blocking pop ups (Yes, I have a lot of users, like "Here!") and well, adopted on the screen size of the screen. It is a very important training messages, pop and ES die know that time seems to "ER shot on the screen the screen size of most visitors. Your site will lose your service immediately!

Back on the balance sheet of the article, I want to remind you that your webmaster tasks SLA is to ensure your website that you know, became effective. Leave a few small mistakes in your site works well NO MORE!