Wednesday, May 26, 2010

minimize costs, improving the image

Internet users increasing every year, and most people on the net, and good old dial-up to switch to broadband is still active. E 'therefore useful to include in the design of your website and style, not a big role, and we need to make the site load time to compose.

Download In general, the dial in a very short time the entire text on your web page. Your site is slow loading pages criminals, images and especially large, it is sufficient to use the images is very important, and not to attract users to a page worth reading is less than striking the delicate balance between lot.

Moreover, the length of more taxes in a very short time on the site, to ensure the improvement of all images. Why, to remove unnecessary information from images for image editing software used to really mean it, except the appearance, to reduce the file size of the image effectively.

You are in Photoshop you need when it is clear to political life in France, when you save the image file, a dialog appears, a picture of political life in France "quality" can be selected - 10 When you save a file group is normal 08 and small enough to retain its quality. This is not the image of the fonts in Photoshop and the pressure you can download and use the Internet to reduce the size of the image file.

The best quality to file size, at least you can save the image format of Papua New Guinea. You can also save images in the form of poison - all colors in the image information for image editing software clips away are unable to use the smaller size. However, coordination with non-toxic to choose the form of wisdom in many cases will be saved!