Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of Flash sites

Flash-based sites, in recent years with an obsession, Macromedia collect as you can predict the functions of Flash more, we are more, you will find the site of the flash from the Internet. However, the urgent call bloated, unwanted sites. What is the line somewhere? The following is a brief summary.



Open Furasshuakushonsukuriputo wide range of possibilities. Programmers and designers, Flash used to identify the main motive of flash games to make interactions observed profiles. This new level of interaction visitors'll always come back.

Common site

Using the flash needs to ensure no cross-browser compatibility. No more pain, how certain CSS code displays differently in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera are. When will Flash website brings as usual, they showed the same length of user installed Flash Player.

Best expressed through animation

In Flash, the message most effectively and efficiently you can make your own animated cartoon. Flash animation options, lightweight carrier (and thus smaller file size) for the cluster, based on much higher, the actual movie file, and it is.

The Bad and the Ugly:


Because visitors will flash, people, Flash before viewing the movie before you download Flash Player, instead of big drops all your Flash Player is ready to download, we refer to the site. The extra work on the reorganization of the page Install Flash as a user has downloaded, you can.

Website Optimization

If Flash to see the content, content that search engines can index much. Therefore, your search engine rank is not less traffic to your website.

Charging time

Users longer to load Flash content compared to the normal and regular text and images, some visitors have patience and wait for the Back button to losing. To load your flash longer risk visitors.

The best way is to use Flash only where the movement and interaction necessarily caused by it. Your website text and graphics very different now, Flash and HTML or use a combination of text format.